Meet Nicole Prechtl— New York Giants devotee, happy hour enthusiast, VPMs Sales Manager, and THE definition of a “New Yorker.” With her street smarts and little-to-no patient attitude, Nicole joins us in our newest series, “You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me,” to talk about her daily irritations in all too relatable NYC situations. Check out her first edition below, and tell us what you think!

“I was born and raised in New York. While nothing totally shocks me, there are still things that people do that leave me amazed, thinking “you’ve got to be kidding me,” at least five times a day.

So, here’s one thing that I simply do not understand: people who feel the need to push others closer to the edge of the subway platform, as if that’s going to get them on quicker. For example:

It’s rush hour— morning or evening, doesn’t really matter. There are three people standing on the yellow line on the platform (including myself). The subway comes by and is completely packed, so the three of us wait for the next one. Meanwhile, three more people show up behind us; now there are six of us impatiently waiting. Another subway comes that is full, and everyone has to continue to wait. Now, even more people are showing up. As another packed train approaches, the people in the back begin to push everyone in front of them forward—over the yellow line of the platform—AS IF that’s going to help them get on the subway faster. I’m sorry, but what are you trying to do? Kill me? I’m convinced your purpose is to attempt to push me over the platform, in hopes that I’ll fall into the ditch, and you’ll get on your 6 train faster. Well, I’ve got some shocking news for you: it isn’t happening. You’re going to get home, or to your client dinner, or walk your dog, or show up at your happy hour with your friends a few minutes late. I’m sorry, but you should have left a few minutes earlier. Back UP. How bout some personal space?

Any New Yorker is more than welcome to disagree with me, but I have a funny feeling that if you commute daily, then you can 100% relate.”

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