Your favorite New Yorker is back to rant your ear off, the one and only Nicole Prechtl. With her street smarts and little-to-no patience, Nicole joins us in her third installment of our newest series, “You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me.” Here, she talks to us about her daily irritations as a New Yorker in all too relatable NYC situations. We’ll let her take it from here:

“I was born and raised in New York. While nothing totally shocks me, there are still things that people do that leave me totally amazed, thinking ‘you’ve got to be kidding me,’ at least five times a day. One of these things is the feeling I get while standing in line for a salad at lunchtime in the summer.

It’s a typical work day in July. You walk over to one of your favorite salad spots that you usually eat at least twice a week, and BAM, the line is out the door, filled with faces you’ve never seen before. Why? Because according to the calendar, it’s July, a.k.a the only time most people want to- or try to- eat healthy. Are you kidding me? You should have been eating salads in January if you wanted to look a certain way for your Hamptons rendezvous this weekend that you can’t stop squealing about at the top of your lungs. Hate to break it to you, but the ONE salad you eat mid-July on a Wednesday isn’t going to save you after you drink a 6-pack of beer come Saturday in the Hamptons. So get back on the burger and fries line, and let the year-round healthy people eat! Seriously. It’s like when people make a new years resolution to go to the gym, attempt to go the entire month of January, and then never show face again. There really should be a separate line for us loyal salad eaters, because it’s ridiculous that I have to wait an hour for my daily salad as opposed to 5 minutes when it’s any other season. Please, be gone.

As always, feel free to refute this one, but I have a funny feeling you’re going to have a hard time doing so.”