Your favorite New Yorker and VPM’s Sales Manager, Nicole Prechtl, is back to give you the low down on how to make the most of one of her favorite holidays- April Fools’ Day. Grab yourself some Advil, and we’ll let her take it from here:

“Ah! April Fools’ Day. This is the best day of the year to either play a prank on that coworker who has been driving you absolutely insane or to get yourself fired. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to follow if you plan on participating in April Fools’ festivities in the office:


  • Cover a coworker’s desk with Post-It notes. Fill in each one with a little note or just one word that reminds you of them.
  • Send flowers or edible arrangements from a “secret admirer” to your coworker that is obsessed with men/women.
  • Bring your manager a cup of coffee opposite to how he or she likes it. For instance: no milk, extra sugar, semi warm, etc.


  • Pretend to call in sick or show up late.
  • Lock a coworker out of their office/computer.
  • Call your manager to report a robbery in the office.

Good luck getting any work done this Friday. Let the games begin!”