A new map by artist Yanko Tihov celebrates the different nationalities that make up London’s population. While New York City is historically known to be the world’s melting pot, Tihov has made a colorful map made up of passports, suggesting that London has surpassed NYC’s reign as the most culturally diverse city. In Tihov’s work, passports were strategically placed on the map to show the most common non-British nationalities in each London borough. There is a total of 32 different passports on the map, and the detail on the covers are hand-painted with 23-carat gold. As a Bulgarian living in London, Tihov was inspired to create this piece after being awarded British citizenship and receiving his second passport.

See this piece at the Multiplied art fair at Christie’s in London from the 16-18 of October, and read more about it here.

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