Gotham City— fictional to some, New York City to most. According to Marvel and DC Comics, NYC is the most superhero-populated metropolis. If you’ve ever read a comic book or have seen a superhero movie, then you’ll realize that there is no debate on this theory; every “American Metropolis” in every single superhero movie has a resemblance to NYC that is uncanny. Filmmakers have felt so strongly about this theory that many of their movies were filmed on location in Manhattan. Of course, CGI special effects and blue screens played a major role in allowing Spider-Man to swing between skyscrapers in Midtown and the Fantastic Four to save the Brooklyn Bridge. But the real magic took place on the streets and behind closed doors of very tangible, existing places around the island. Check out five filming locations around Manhattan from a few of our favorite superhero movies, below:

42nd Street Explosion

Movie: The Avengers
Location: East 9th Street.

An explosion occurs as the Chitauri attack the Avengers on what’s supposed to be 42nd Street. The scene was filmed down East 9th Street with a controlled explosion that was enhanced by special effects.


Norman Osborn’s Home

Movie: Spider-Man
Location: Tudor City Apartment Complex, Midtown East.

The mansion of Norman Osborn and his son Harry is the Tudor City apartment complex. This unique complex is made up of 16th century revival skyscrapers clustered around a series of gardens in Tudor City, near Turtle Bay and Kips Bay.


Gotham City Stock Exchange

Movie: The Dark Knight Rises
Location: 23 Wall Street, JP Morgan Building

The “Gotham City Stock Exchange” really is in NYC’s financial district, though it’s actually the JP Morgan Building on the south corner at Broad Street, rather than what it’s commonly thought to be, the New York Stock Exchange.


Lincoln Tunnel

Movie: Fantastic Four
Location: Lincoln Tunnel Expressway

In a speed chase, Johnny Storm follows The Silver Surfer into the Lincoln Tunnel. The Silver Surfer flies through a bus and Johnny Storm narrowly squeezes between two trucks.


Josie’s Bar

Movie: Daredevil, The Netflix Series
Location: Turkey’s Nest Tavern, Williamsburg

Nelson and Murdock’s go-to spot after work, Josie’s Bar in Hell’s Kitchen, is actually one of the most popular dive bars in Williamsburg called Turkey’s Nest Tavern.


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