Meet Ms. Tizzy—NYC’s damsel in distress.

Similar to most damsels, Ms. Tizzy needs to be saved. Like her contemporaries Mary Jane Watson and Lois Lane, Ms. Tizzy works in New York City, which means that she does not have a moment to spare when problems arise. Village Print & Media’s Sales Manager, Nicole Prechtl, has had more than a few instances where a client of hers fell under the Ms. Tizzy category. Each of them needed to resolve an issue pronto, or else it was their job on the line. Today, Nicole’s going to tell us about one of these instances, where VPM saved the day:

“Recently, I had a client who thought she was completely screwed. *Sarah was heading a project on a storefront for her company’s new pop-up shop downtown. The day before the grand opening, her boss decided that the storefront window clings did not match the look and ambiance that their company was hoping to achieve. Therefore, he wanted entirely new treatments, without having to change the grand opening date. I received a frantic call from Sarah, hoping we could help her, which, of course, we could. She told me what she needed and I told her, ‘no problem, go get an ice cream cone at the Mr. Softy truck and sit tight.’

We immediately sent a messenger to remove the existing storefront, received the new artwork to create 8 removable vinyl window clings (in various sizes), then printed, delivered, and installed each of the pieces, all within a 24 hour turnaround period.

The next day I received a call from Sarah, who said that the new vinyl’s set the ‘perfect ambiance,’ the pop-up shop opened as planned, and Sarah’s boss thanked her for ‘making it all happen.’ Hopefully, she got a raise, too.”

Have you ever found yourself in a tizzy at work? Share with us your horror story about a time when you needed to hit a hard deadline because your job was on the line!

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*Name has been changed in respect of client confidentiality.