Meet Mr. DéLai— the NYC boss you don’t want to piss off.
He’s the reason why you drink ten cups of coffee a day, ave high blood pressure and anxiety, and missed happy hour or was forced to cancel your Hinge date. You get the idea. In reality, Mr. DéLai is simply doing his job, and wants his clients to be just as happy as you want them to be. But ultimately, its your job to satisfy the client or else it’s your job that’s on the line.

“I needed it yesterday,” is New York City’s mantra. In the fastest paced city in the world, patience is something New Yorkers tend to lack. Unfortunately, not everyone can keep up with the speed of this city. How many times have you found yourself working on a project, when suddenly, something goes terribly wrong, and you have zero time to resolve the situation? This is where Village Print & Media comes in. We deliver excellence time and time again, in tough, real-time situations.

Who’s Your Hero?
Today we’re launching our latest campaign, #WhosYourHero? Over the next few weeks we will be showcasing our commitment to “service, speed, and the VPM way.” This means working around the clock, hitting hard deadlines, and delivering exactly what our clients need, when they need it.

What Should You Expect?
For starters: Village Gold. Every Friday, we’ll be giving away our Hero Pack, filled with promo items, the Blue Volt t-shirt, and gift cards to Midtown Comics. This Friday, the last day of our launch week, we’ll be announcing our Grand Prize, which will be given out on the last day of the campaign. Until then, enter to be the first winner of our weekly Village Gold giveaways. All those who enter each week are automatically eligible to win our Village Gold Grand Prize. To enter:

1. Tweet at us using the hashtag, #WhosYourHero, and tell us who your favorite superhero is.


2. Like one of our campaign posts on LinkedIn, here, and leave a comment!

While we know giveaways are great, we’ve got something better coming up this week— the debut of Village Print & Media’s short film, The Blue Volt: Service, Speed, and the VPM Way. Our short film promo items will feature our latest Augmented Reality printed piece using Layar technologies.

Don’t Forget! 
Stay connected to find out more about our Grand Prize and the reveal of our short film through Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.