Who’s your hero? After yesterday’s reveal, you now know who ours is: the Blue Volt. While he’s definitely our main man, there are many superheroes we love, for one reason or another. To wrap up launch week, team VPM shared a few of their favorite superheroes, below. But first, congratulations to this week’s winner of the Village Gold Hero Pack, Lawrence Kuhnast from Proskauer Rose! Now, let’s see who the Blue Volt is up against:

VPM: Who’s your favorite superhero, besides the Blue Volt? 

Iron Man is my favorite Superhero. Why? For starters, Robert Downey Jr plays his role in the movie (Iron Man). But I love how his character is funny and brave. He gets through all of his obstacles with his humor and by being very smart. He doesn’t let anyone ruin his quest of overcoming anything that comes his way. He fights until he can’t fight anymore, while protecting everyone around him. Iron Man is just awesome.“- Ashley Goll, Account Executive

Spiderman! He is relatable to ever man. His keen sense of humor is what makes him different compared to most superheroes. It’s his mouth which leads him to more complicated situations rather than his obligation to heroic duties. Spiderman also has the most unique set of ‘rogues gallery.’ Most of all, he’s the embodiment of being human, making mistakes and learning from them.”- Anik Ghose, Social Media Analyst

Thor is my favorite superhero, the God of Thunder! I love how his hammer controls the weather. Who wouldn’t want to control the weather?! Also, a hammer is a great weapon to use if need be; it can hit someone pretty hard. And, of course, Chris Hemsworth (in the movie) is a HOTTIE.”- Angelica Thompson, Account Executive

Spawn is my favorite superhero. He is one of the most underrated superheroes, yet probably the most badass of them all. He is a CIA agent who sells his soul to the devil and condemns himself to be demon for eternity in order to see his wife and daughter. He has to choose between good and evil, and eventually becomes the God of heaven and hell! Pretty epic stuff…and definitely a movie to look out for!” – Ossian Mendoza, Motion Graphics Designer

Comic book wise, I like Flash, thanks to my brother’s obsession with him. Movie wise…it’s a toss up between Batman and Thor since both Christian Bale and Chris Hemsworth are two of the most beautiful people on the planet.” – Brie French-Sorgini, Director of Public Relations

Superman! He chooses to fight for good and is fair, always. Plus, he’s the best and most powerful.” – Joe Ryder, Director of Sales


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