After over four decades in New York City, Village Print & Media has learned a thing or two about efficiently delivering packages. If you’ve worked in Manhattan for any length of time, we’re sure you’ve had an issue finding a delivery at one point or another. Here are three helpful tips to successfully get your package from point A to point B:

  1. Be Thorough. When addressing a package, always include the company name, recipient name, full address with floor/suite number, the recipient’s phone number, cell phone number, and the general office number.
  2. Due Diligence. Call the building you’re going to ahead of time and check what their preferences and policies are regarding deliveries. It can be very helpful to know how different places work.
  3. Include Special Instructions. What entrance should the messenger use? Will he be carrying the package by hand or delivering by pull cart? These questions are important, as they not only affect the entrance in which the messenger will need to use, but also the amount of time necessary to get the package into the recipient’s hands.

Village Print & Media’s Electronic Delivery System: Going Above and Beyond to Ensure Satisfied Clients
Once a package has been delivered from Village Print & Media, the recipient receives an email stating the time it was delivered, who signed for it, and where it was left. This allows the recipient to locate his or her package quickly and efficiently, preventing it from being left alone in someone’s office while the important meeting is taking place. For a vendor in New York City, missing a critical deadline is the kiss of death.


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