Main Title Sequences of television series has became a favorable topic of discussion amongst our creative team at VPM. What’s our favorite as of late? Westward. Award winning production studio, Elastic, has once again created a compelling and ambitious piece for HBO’s new highly-anticipated series that premiered on October 2.

It begins with a sunrise over what appears to be the mountainous range of the show’s landscape, but soon reveals itself as the ribcage of one of the robotic elements that make up the show’s theme park. This first scene slowly unravels bodies of images that represent dual meanings, underlining the theme of the show that is both simplistic and psychological enthralled. Strung along by an agonizing melody, played by a skeletal figure on a piano, the sequence continues to unravel clues about the show in a dark, poetic, and illusive design.


The creative ideology and visual storytelling that was thread together to create Elastics main title sequence for WestWorld is nothing short of compelling and awe-inspiring. Watch Elastic’s work below, and read more about the making of this piece in an interview with its Creative Director, Patrick Clair, here.

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