In need of a mouthful of new flavors? New York native and Village Print & Media Account Executive, Ana Perez, shares with us her latest favorite restaurant that’s become instrumental in maintaining her new health kick.

“I have a flavor-of-the-month kind of attitude. I’ll find myself going to Ferrara for sweets almost every single day and then completely forget about the place for the rest of the year. The best part about growing up in New York City is that it’s truly impossible to be bored. Someone once told me that you could go out to dinner every single night for your entire life and still never be able to try every restaurant in New York.

My favorite spot at the moment is Westville. Recently, after yet another failed attempt to test my patience on the Black Tap line, I finally headed over to this popular restaurant. While there are various locations, I’ve become partial to the Westville on Hudson Street in SoHo. One of the main reasons that I decided to bail on Black Tap and head to Westville—instead of walking the opposite way towards Little Italy and eating pasta until I can’t breathe—is my need to live a healthier lifestyle. Like many other New Yorkers, I have hoped on the wellness bandwagon. For the most part, I’m quite happy being on board, although I do have one small issue: I hate vegetables. Luckily, Westville’s veggies pack a flavorful punch without losing their health benefits. So far, this is the only restaurant I’ve come across that makes me crave vegetables.

Westville’s dinner specials change daily, which keeps my taste buds from getting bored. I can easily mix and match dishes depending on my mood. Here’s how the menu works: you pick your main protein, then you get a choice of two sides. The sautéed broccoli, artichoke hearts with parmesan cheese, and garlic mashed potatoes are just a few of my favorite sides that are offered regularly.

Whether you’re a fellow veggie hater or just looking for a healthier meal option, Westville is a must-try restaurant.”

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