Today marks the end of Village Print & Media’s victorious #CLUTCH campaign. As we’ve spent the last six weeks attesting to day after day, VPM strives to deliver the absolute best results at New York speed. Together, we spend endless hours working to exceed our clients expectations, coming through in the #CLUTCH when a victory is needed most. Like we’ve said, every day is game day at VPM. In order to attain excellence, we continuously work on elevating our game to provide our clients with the most impeccable work and service New York City has to offer.

A few highlights from our #CLUTCH campaign include:

While prayers for the Giants didn’t exactly work out, yet, and a weeping statue clearly did not come through with a #CLUTCH move for the Jets, we hope we helped elevate your spirits this football season with our inspirational quotes, #CLUTCH advice, and Village Gold.

On that note, congratulations to William Kim from Deutsche Bank, winner of our final Village Gold #CLUTCH collection!

Now for the announcement you’ve been waiting six grueling weeks for, congratulations to Paige Garrett from FENDI, VPM’s winner of our Mega Village Gold #CLUTCH collection and 2 free tickets to the Giants vs. Redskins game this coming sunday!

Remember, when it’s fourth and goal with no time on the clock, put the ball in the hands of a winner. We would like to thank our fans for their continued support and business over the past 44 years. Keep up with our latest #CLUTCH moves by following us daily on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. In conclusion, we leave you with the victorious “Winning is a Habit” speech by the great Vince Lombardi, because at the end of the day VPM will continue to deliver #CLUTCH wins for you while the Jets and the Giants take a vacation.