In the midst of the holiday season, it begins to get quieter and quieter in the office. This is when we like to look back on all of the various projects we’ve worked on to help us prepare and get inspired for the new year ahead. While there are thousands of pieces to sift through per year, there are always some that tend to be more memorable than others. Below, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite 2016 design and specialty projects that stood out to us, for one reason or another, in 2016.

Client: Avia
Project: A new approach to setting up a catalog for an active lifestyle brand


Client: NYHRC
Project: A changeover vinyl and install for NYHRC for the holiday season


Client: McKinsey
Project: Game board box and card container with foam core wells and an easel back.


Client: Perrier
Project: Silver foil business cards


Client: Coca-Cola
Project: Surface removable vinyl, and vinyl mounted oversized boards


Client: Alley
Project: Gold foil stamp invitations