Village Print & Media remains successful because we care about our fellow New Yorkers. We thrive on delivering exceptional products at New York speed. At VPM, we continuously express our appreciation for our clients by giving back through Village Gold, because, let’s face it— who doesn’t love a good giveaway?

In 2014 alone we’ve given away Mets tickets, a $300 Apple gift card, and gift cards for iTunes, Starbucks, and to NYC restaurants to many of our clients.

Most recently, VPM has rallied together to revive NYC’s football season through our #CLUTCH campaign with weekly Village Gold. For the next six weeks, we’ll be giving away Village Gold every Wednesday and Friday, which will include jerseys, sports bottles, rally towels, Modell’s gift cards and more. This will lead up to our Village Gold Mega Package, featuring 2 tickets to Giants vs. Redskins on December 14. To enter, click here, and share this post on LinkedIn. Like we’ve said, the Giants need a prayer and the Jets need a weeping statute, but there’s always hope. Therefore, you might as well be hopeful at the game in awesome seats!

To continue to give you something to root for, each week of the campaign we’re giving away a Modell’s gift card for every game that either the Giants or Jets win. If both teams win on any given weekend, we’ll double the amount of the gift card to give to a fan from each team.

VPM’s team spirit must have been contagious this weekend because, shockingly, the NY Jets beat the Steelers, 20-13! As promised, we’re giving away a $25 Modell’s gift card to a Jets fan this Friday. Enter here.

Congratulations to the first Village Gold winner of our #CLUTCH campaign, Janelle Nickelson from Paradigm Spine, LLC!

Follow us daily on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram for Village Gold updates. Good luck to our fans, and stay strong, NYC!