For 44 years, VPM has been hitting the tightest deadlines around the clock for the most prestigious companies in New York.  What Derek Jeter and VPM  have in common is performing under pressure.

Therefore, we’re joining the rest of the city in celebrating the end of an era for Jeter, and paying our final re2pects.

Anyone who knows anything about NYC knows that Derek Jeter is not only the name and face of the New York Yankees, but has become an NYC icon. Even Met fans cannot dispute this fact, as most of them have either spent the past 20 years loving to hate him or hating to, regrettably, love him. Today, the end is not near, but here. It’s Jeter’s last home game as a Yankee. Here’s a few farewell fun facts that might stump even the most die-heart Yankees fan.

Did Jeter ever change his position as a short stop? Never. How many times has he been ejected from a game? Zero. Here are 7 things Jeter has never done in his 20 year career as a New York Yankee. 

If anyone started from the bottom before he made it here, it was Mr. November himself. Jeter’s journey to becoming a Yankees icon started off rough. “He had never spent a night away from home without his family before he arrived in Tampa for rookie ball.” He later admitted, “I cried every night.” Here are 7 fun facts about Jeter’s 20 year journey.

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So, you think you know the captain? Alright, maybe some of the things that Jeter has never done or a few fun facts about him would be known by a true New York Yankees fan. If you really think you can’t be stumped by a Jeter fact, then prove yourself. Take this ultimate quiz to see if you really know Derek Jeter as well as you think you do.

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It’s impossible to pay our respects and tip our hats off to this Yankee icon that did it his way throughout his entire career without sharing both Jordan and Gatorade’s epic farewells.