by Meher Masalawala


In today’s incredibly fast-paced, media saturated world, visual design trends come and go very quickly. What was current six months ago may very well be outdated today, and when it comes to marketing your business, you’ve got to stay ahead of the curve. Here are three visual design techniques to keep your eye on as we head into the new year:

Mixed Media
Mixed media work is currently having a moment and is expected to carry into 2018. It’s typically a collage composition look that can be achieved in a variety of ways: the glitch effect, illustrations over photography, colorful gradients, etc.

Creative Typography
Unconventional typography – created by breaking up words, using unique materials, or cropping parts of the letters – results in a compelling effect that can be used with other design techniques or stand alone. Hand-drawn typography has also become increasingly popular in advertisements, as people are drawn to the human element aspect of its aesthetic as opposed to the strictly geometric nature of digital lines.

Minimalism has been a top design trend for some time and will continue to be popular, especially when contrasted with the aforementioned techniques. When done correctly, negative space and simplicity command attention while quickly delivering a desired message. One area in particular where minimalism will continue to thrive is web and app design, where clean and clear functionality result in a better experience for the user.

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