In today’s edition of Vinny & Victor, we would like to notify their audience that they’ve been cut. Plain and simple— no one seemed to like either of them, so VPM decided that it was time to let them go. The two salesmen started off their careers on a high note, but failed to come through with clutch performances when it mattered most. While we’re a bit disappointed, we’re by no means surprised. Victor was the “picture perfect” employee, but lacked the swag and cold-hearted tendencies needed to survive in Midtown, Manhattan. Meanwhile, Vinny was smart, but also a smart a**— most of us knew his mouth and office etiquette (or lack thereof) would bite him in the butt eventually. In the end, all we really have left to say is, “Bye Felicia!” It’s been real.

Have one last laugh at Midtown’s most disappointing salesmen here, before you have to rummage through our archives in order to ever read/hear/see them again.