Navigating casual Fridays can be tricky. At times it is difficult to balance personal style and self-identity, while maintaining a respectable look. Your personal style may be leggings and hoodies, but there must always be a level of appropriateness kept for every occasion. Today, I have curated two casual Friday options; one is appropriate and versatile, and the other is an example of inappropriate attire, or in other words, what exactly not to wear in an office setting.


Casually Inappropriate
While this outfit above may work for certain occasions, like brunch with your friends or running errands on a Sunday, it is definitely not suited to be worn to your place of work. A few things to avoid on Fridays are oversized/too small pieces, as well as anything with a logo/graphic that can be misunderstood or interpreted as offensive by a client or colleague. Crop tops are on trend at the moment, but should not be trending in an office environment, even on a casual day. A dark lip and open toe shoes should be reserved for non-professional settings. Overall, this outfit lacks focus and mixes too many trends.

Casually Appropriate 
This outfit above works best and is most appropriate for an office because the jean is a dark wash with no rips, marks, or stains. I personally prefer a dark wash/black jeans because they look more polished and are easier to match. I chose to pair the white camisole with a blazer to cover the shoulders and back; less skin is better for the office. While I’ve chosen a black loafer for this outfit, a neutral closed toe heel would work well, too. The other great thing about this outfit is that it can go from day to night for after work events if you remove the blazer and add a stiletto.

All sets were created via Polyvore.