Introducing Village Print & Media’s resident fashionista, Sales Manager Maria Zepeda, in the debut of our newest blog series, Village Vogue. This week, Maria delivers a few tips and tricks on how to perfectly nail both business formal and business casual attire.

Business Formal

Dressing appropriately for a conservative office is easy to conquer. Business attire is about commanding attention with your persona, not your clothes. The key to looking polished in a suit is to invest in a tailor – a well-tailored suit will make you look slimmer, taller, and more sophisticated. It is also important to stick to a classic neutral palette and avoid flashy/trendy prints. A crisp white shirt and a classic navy suit will work for all seasons. You can personalize your look by adding no more than three accessories, such as a watch, necklace, pocket square, or a belt.

Always remember: the way you dress is the way you are perceived.

  • Always steam/iron your clothes. Wrinkled clothes will make you look careless.
  • Open toe shoes on women are not appropriate in a formal business setting
  • Invest on timeless pieces instead of “now” pieces. Staple pieces will last longer than a season




Business Casual

Most of us fall under this category. Your office has a more relaxed dress code, but you still need to look respectable. As Tom Ford famously said, “Dressing well is a form of good manners.” My philosophy on business casual is layer up! In order to take a casual look into a business setting, you should add a structured piece such as a jacket or a thick cardigan to complete your look.

Business casual should not be confused with casual. While you should be comfortable at the office, you should also be prepared to meet an important client at any moment.

  • Layers make for a more interesting outfit
  • Mix and match your separates to achieve a professional look
  • Always have a tie, jacket/blazer, and good shoes available at the office to transform your look


All sets were created by Maria Zepeda via Polyvore.