This month, I am advising on how to be a savvier packer for business trips. These tips will help you go through security with ease, prevent over/under packing, and ensure you’re prepared with a wardrobe that will impress your client.

First things first, you’ll need a small, durable carry on suitcase with wheels for a short, three night stay.

Pack the Basics:

In your suitcase, pack four button down shirts or blouses in easy to match colors, such as white, powder blue, pink, or a basic black and white gingham. These shirts should be wrinkle free, as well as dry-cleaned in case the hotel doesn’t provide this service. It is important to pack one set of separates, such as a versatile jacket, a dress pant/skirt/dress, and a casual but appropriate shirt, such as a polo, that can be worn to a low-key dinner/event.

Men: your ties should be cohesive and able to match any of the shirts you have packed. This will also save you time getting dressed every day. I recommend two complete suits in different colors. Again, stick to the basics with suit colors like navy or charcoal. These two color options are sure to match any colored or patterned shirt that you have packed.




Bag Choice is Important:

Sometimes, people bring small bags over wheeled suitcases for quick weekend business trips, especially men. I always recommend a suitcase with wheels because it allows easy mobility. Also, a bag can become heavy and the strap can pull down on the shoulder causing wrinkles.

A weatherproof garment bag is MUST for all business trips. This is an easy way to prevent wrinkles and protect your freshly dry-cleaned jackets and pants from rain, or coffee spills. Not bringing a weatherproof garment bag is a mistake made too often.

A computer bag with a handle and/or strap to hold your laptop will make it more accessible to work with while you travel. Also, it will allow you to get through security much more quickly and hassle-free since you’ll need to take your laptop out of your carry on in order to go through.

A cosmetic/toiletry bag is a travel necessity, whether it is a three day business trip or a two week vacation. The cosmetic bag will keep all of your daily personal use items within reach to freshen up. It will also help prevent shampoo spills and the unfortunate perfume/cologne breakage we have all experienced at least once in our travels.

I hope these tips will help make your next business trip stress free! Did I miss anything? Tweet me your savvy packing suggestions. Happy travels!

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