Artists worldwide have recently been vying for a specific space in New York City to create their latest art installations. While the MET, MoMA, or one of Chelsea’s infamous galleries may be your first guess, the space so many are seeking is, in fact, set deep below the busy streets of the island—the MTA subway.

Over the last 30 years, 300 pieces of art have been commissioned by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which have been installed on subway walls across all five boroughs and commuter rail stations. As of late, artists are recognizing the value of the subways’ wall spaces more so now than ever before. “People are stuck in the subways, which is what makes them the perfect place for art,” said Lee Freeman, a New York artist. “I spend a lot of time with my head glued to the window because you never know what you’ll see.” With over 4.3 million people riding the subway throughout all five boroughs daily, its walls truly are perfect spaces for artists to get their work seen.


Read about the latest pieces of work commissioned by the MTA for 2016 here, and check out some of our favorite subway art installations, including Kaleidoscope, Wall Slant, and Hive.

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