A staircase’s purpose is for constant transit; we use it to either move ourselves up to go to one place or move ourselves downwards to leave to go somewhere else. It is rare that there is a confined stillness on a stairwell, which can make for an interesting space for an artist to shake up. New York based director, choreographer, and artist, Maria Hassabi brings her latest live-action work, PLASTIC, to the MoMA this spring. This performance art piece features dancers moving along the floors and staircases of the museum at a a dramatically slow pace, conveying tension between stillness and sustained movement as observers walk around them. Hassabi said that,”the work bridges the conceptual and physical divide between performer and object, bystander and viewer, while addressing the ways in which dance and the spectacle of performance are presented in theatrical and exhibition contexts.”

With no beginning or end to the performance, the slithering movements of the dancers’ bodies at a snail’s pace create an uncomfortable atmosphere that is momentarily mesmerizing. Stay as long as you’d like from now until Sunday, March 20th in the Marron Atrium at the MoMA. See a sneak peak of PLASTIC, below:

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