1. The first company celebration dinner took place at Brownies, a then local vegetarian restaurant in the East Village, now known as Hifi Bar.

2. As clientele grew and varied from individuals, lawyers and professional businesses, the first sales associate became notorious for telling customers turnaround time was “tomorrow morning,” until the customer would barter down for “an hour.” Never saying no to any business, Village Copier naturally developed our characteristic “New York Speed” attitude.

3. In 1978, our former midtown location at 25 W 43rd St opened, under the name Copy Bright. This location spurred the growth that resulted in what VPM is today. Initially, the hours were from 9am to 5pm, but as hours kept extending because of production, our doors officially opened 24/7 starting at this location. As such, our slogan was “We do it all night long.”

4. Other former locations included Gray Bar Copying in the GrayBar Building; Penn Copying at 34th St, and Village Copier near Columbia University. Eventually, all names were changed to Village Copier.