In another example of how art and technology work together to deliver added value to communications, Village Print & Media’s annual holiday card connects the static image to digital animation in a simple and fun way.

Click here to see our card in action

  The card is an example of what has come to be known as Augmented Reality, where a printed piece is seamlessly integrated with rich media content to deliver an enhanced user experience. Produced by our internal creative services team, the design and audio files were first created. Then the animators took over and brought “Frosty” to life. In keeping with brand, the animation is witty and very New York. After all, who can’t relate to freezing in the street trying to hail a cab on a bad weather day in the City? The technology utilized to marry the print with the video is from a company called Layar. The Layar application is available as a free download for virtually all mobile smart devices. The printed image is scanned by the Layar application. Once recognized, the rich media is called up and voila!, Frosty is headed back up north safely after attending the Village Print & Media holiday party.

Most importantly we wanted to thank our customers for their business and wish them well in 2014 – and a cab whenever they need one! “All of us sincerely appreciate the business we conduct with our clients throughout the year. We hope this brings a chuckle and a smile to those who have helped Village Print & Media achieve yet another record sales year.” remarks President, Andrew Harary.