At Village Print & Media, we love to open our doors to students. Students are at the forefront of everything current: they study trends and patterns in order to understand how to utilize their skills in a growing technological society. Graphic designers, in particular, must pay acute attention to details and developments as they are visually communicating with consumers everywhere. Think that Apple ad is merely a fluke? Think again.

Shaquesia Myrie is a current student at the University of New Haven, where she is a rising senior in Graphic Design. As she nears closer to graduation, she has begun researching different fields; recently, she became interested in Village Print once she saw our website & blog.

How did you become interested in graphic design and why do you want to pursue it?
My interest in graphic design stems from my early childhood hobbies of drawing and spending time on personal arts and crafts projects. I wanted to pursue graphic design because of its flexibility as a career choice. I can easily utilize my design skills and connect it into my other hobbies.

For example, I like dancing so I could work in a dance studio or for a theatre company designing programs, flyers, etc.

What are some examples of graphic design within advertising that you enjoy? 
I really enjoy viewing alternate movie poster designs created by designers on the internet. It’s nice to see the variety of concepts/ techniques people use for the same movie. In terms of big name companies, I’m going to say Google. The landing page usually informs users on a current event or acknowledges an important figure in history. Sometimes its interactive, which I love.

Right now, what kind of design interests you? Editorial, fashion, web? 
Right now, I have a strong interest in packaging design however motion graphics is starting to grow on me.

What’s your proudest accomplishment as of yet?
My proudest accomplishment was designing the flyer, program, and ticket design for a Nelson Mandela Celebration event that was held at my school last year.

Being from New York, how do you feel the landscape has influenced your craft?
Being from New York, I’ve been surrounded by diversity and I am always ready to learn something new. I like to try design techniques out of my comfort zone for personal insight purposes. If I know a student is really good at a certain design technique I converse with that student to see what exactly he or she does. In retrospect, if I can offer valuable information to that student on something design-related I know about, I share it.

Don’t forget to check out her portfolio: