Village Print & Media is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Wright as General Manager of vdiscovery.

“It is so gratifying to see Michael rise to this critical role,” said Myron Schonfeld, president of the company, and founder of VPM and vdiscovery’s shared parent company, Village Group, in 1972. “I know he will bring the same winning combination of intelligence and common sense that has characterized his work for our clients throughout his career.”

As an impressive 25-year veteran, Michael has spearheaded the company’s efforts that have made vdiscovery one of the country’s premiere providers of digital forensics and electronic discovery services. Michael has experienced the many changes this industry has encountered, which has allowed him to assemble, train, and manage a talented team that will rise to the occasion of taking vdiscovery to the cutting edge of technology.

Welcoming the opportunity Michael said, “I am excited and honored to have been put in the position to take vdiscovery to the next level. I truly believe that I am working with the best team in New York City. My experience and tenure in this industry will allow me to further improve our technology and services which, in turn, will allow us to provide ever greater value to our clients in this rapidly evolving industry.”

VPM would like to send our best wishes and congratulations to Michael on this well-deserved opportunity!

About vdiscovery

vdiscovery is a leader in electronic discovery, digital forensics, litigation consulting, and discovery management solutions. Attorney founded and managed, with over 40 years of experience supporting litigation attorneys in their discovery needs, vdiscovery has helped clients navigate the complex and rapidly changing discovery landscape. As electronic document collections grow and regulations change, vdiscovery continues to customize practical and effective solutions, drawing on the deep expert knowledge of our employees.

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