Whether it be in preparation of training or game day, every great player needs a go-to beat to set the tone for his or her day ahead. Check out VPM’s “Pump Up” playlist that helps us set the tone for each day to help us deliver #CLUTCH performances all week long.

1. Chamillionaire- Good Morning
“This is the best song to listen to whenever I’m competing for something – whether it be in a race or during work. It’s repetitive chorus, ‘I wanna show all my haters love’, is short, more or less sweet, and definitely to the point.”- Susannah Piersol, Executive Assistant

2. Diddy-Dirty Money- Hello, Good Morning ft. T.I., Rick Ross
“I just love this song— it makes me crazy.” – Joe Ryder, Director of Sales

3. Don Diablo- Knight Time
“This deep track is always my go-to song to get hyped up for anything. It’s impossible not to be in a good mood after listening to this track or anything Don Diablo for that matter.”- Brie French-Sorgini, Blog and Social Media Coordinator

4. Gym Class Heroes- The Fighter ft. Ryan Tedder
“This song pumps me up because it talks about competition and strength. I also really like the chorus; it makes you feel like if you fall down you HAVE to get back up again.”- Ashley Goll, Account Executive

5. Miike Snow- Animal 
“My favorite pump up song is definitely Miike Snow’s ‘Animal.’ The underlying beats and catchy tune in the chorus energizes me every time I listen to it. I especially like to “spin” it on my Spotify when I need to get a lot of things done quickly, or when I start with a new design project and want to get the creative juices flowing. It’s also a great mood booster!”- Linda Marsala, Art Director

Check out the entire “Pump Up” playlist on our Spotify!