It’s about that time. New Yorkers are pulling out their best Ralph Lauren and Tommy outfits, blasting Tom Petty, and roasting little piggies. One of the greatest days of the year is approaching us—Independence day! Whether you’re heading out to the Hamptons or Rockaways, down to the Jersey Shore, or partying on your rooftop, chances are you’ll be spending this upcoming Saturday decked out in star-spangled banner gear, sipping on a Budweiser (because it’s sacrilegious to not drink out of an American-themed beer bottle on this day), and slurring the national anthem by nights end with your loved ones. And this is all before the iconic Macy’s fireworks take flight.

So, what does this call for? A 4th of July playlist! Check out 15 of our favorite songs for the upcoming 2015 Independence Day on our Spotify here. But first, watch a few of our favorite music videos from the playlist, below, to get the party started. 

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