We’ll keep saying it until everyone gets it: video content is now a top priority when it comes to formulating a successful digital media marketing strategy for brands and businesses.

While most people seem to recognize this fact, many still find it difficult to understand how exactly to use it and why. Companies are utilizing video in place of written form for all kinds of content including website introductory videos, brand videos, interviews and announcements for internal use, campaign launches, product introductions, all traditional advertising purposes, and more. The hottest ticket right now is working out how to successfully implement video content across all major social channels— a feat that might seem a bit mind-bending to some, but is child’s play to us. The video below features a few compelling statistics that will persuade you to dive right into using this medium, as does our latest animated short.

Now, get with it and contact VPM’s creative team to help you enhance your digital media marketing strategy and execute all of your video content needs: creative@villageprint.com