Everyone loves a great victory dance. Today, we’ve got five of the top NFL victory dances to kickoff your weekend! Check out New York Jets Braylon Edwards’ “Dougie” from 2010, following a #CLUTCH touchdown in a game against the New England Patriots. See the rest of the list here. For those of you who are New York Giants fans, here’s a dance segment from Victor Cruz that we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

Speaking of the Jets, today we’re giving away that Modell’s gift card we promised in honor of their surprising win against the Pittsburgh Steelers last weekend. Congratulations to Christine Hickam from DKNY! Additionally, we want to congratulate Amanda Groher from Camuto Group, Wednesday’s Village Gold winner of our complete #CLUTCH collection: jersey t-shirt, water bottle, and rally towel, along with an iTunes gift card.

Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win more Village Gold, including our #CLUTCH collection and Modell’s gift cards, as well as 2 free Giants vs. Redskins tickets that we’ll be giving away on December 12.

Happy Friday, NYC!