It’s officially November, a.k.a. officially the holiday season in New York City! We all know that the next two months fly by in a whirlwind, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to get started on your seasonal checklist – including your company’s holiday cards. Feeling a bit behind or at a loss as to where to begin? Here are three of the most popular print technique trends for the holiday season to help you get the ball rolling:

When it comes to specialty printing techniques, die-cutting is one of the most cost-effective ways to create beautiful custom collateral. Whether your design is intricate and delicate or bold and funky, die-cutting is sure to make your company’s holiday card unique. Utilize this technique to create cards with custom edges, or cut the card itself into a non-traditional shape that emulates iconic holiday imagery, such as a snow globe or ornament.


There’s no better time of year
There’s nothing more holiday-esque than a card bedazzled in gold and silver metallics. By using a foil stamp technique, you can easily add the perfect amount of metallic to your company’s holiday card that will look festive and attractive in a professional manner.


Add a simple touch to your company’s holiday card with a wrap bow or belly band using either twine for a rustic, unrefined feel or a metallic ribbon that will look bold and festive.


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