We know Halloween hasn’t even come and gone yet, buuuuut, tis the season to order your company’s holiday cards!

While we are aware that there is nothing more irritating than walking into Duane Reade and seeing decorations for an upcoming holiday 3 months in advance, some things must be taken care of earlier than we’d like. Bare with us.

Ordering holiday cards early gives you plenty of time to create a unique piece, beat the rush, and allots you one less thing to stress about this season. Most companies want their cards signed, sealed, and delivered by mid December. If this timeframe looks familiar to you, then check out our suggestions below to ensure a seamless ordering process and prompt delivery date by first week of December:

Foil stamped cards
Estimated timeline is 6-8 business days. Submit final artwork and order by 11/21.

Die Cut Cards to custom shape (with standard ink print)
Estimated timeline is 5-6 business days. Submit final artwork and order by 11/28.

Embossed cards
Estimated timeline is 8-10 business days. Submit final artwork and order by 11/16.
*Bonus finishing feature: gilded or painted edges adds a very special and unique touch. Estimated time added to order is 3-4 business days.

Specialty pieces (plexiglass, holographic foil, etc.)
Estimated timeline is 10-12 business days. Submit final artwork and order by 11/10.

Animated E-Cards and Augmented Reality
Estimated timeline is 5-6 business days. Approve animated content by 12/ 1.

The above timelines ensure you still have plenty of time to address and mail the cards to your recipients once delivered. Speaking of, we’re also happy to take care of the mail fulfillment services – one less item on your holiday to-do list!

The next question you might be asking yourself is, “What kind of card should we do this year?” Here are 3 types of holiday cards we love:

  • Holographic foil stamp on a double thick cotton stock (Such as 220# crane’s lettra) finished with holographic foil edge gilding
  • Plexi glass cards with white ink imprint
  • Animated video using Augmented Reality. Check out VPM’s 2015 animated holiday card for a little inspiration, below.

Now that you’ve listened and learned, reach out to your sales rep or VPM’s design team ASAP to begin working on your company’s holiday card. Your future holiday season anxiety will thank you later.