There isn’t a business in the world that doesn’t have a logo. A logo represents and defines the type of company you are and gives telling cues that help create brand awareness. Whether you are in the process of developing a new logo, or looking to upgrade your current one, here are some tips to keep in mind to achieve a successful design.

Simple Is Better
A logo does not have to be complex – it just has to be recognizable. In fact, for the digital landscape, it’s better to keep a simple design that is easily viewed on screens. It is imperative that the design is vectorized (designed in illustrator) so it can be scaled up and down based on where it will appear.

Uniquely You
The design should be unique to you and your brand. There may be a certain type of logo trending in the market but there is no need to mimic others. Your look can be traditional, modern/minimalistic or quirky–it all depends on what reaction you are trying to achieve from your consumers. The logo should have a meaning behind it and relate to your business or else the message to the consumers will get lost.

The color and font used in your logo must match the branding of your company. Every creative choice made towards the design conveys a tone and holds significance. For example, a saturated active logo with perceived movement is received differently than a muted passive one.

Your logo is seen on every product, advertisement, and social media platform. It is worth investing time into and should be approached thoughtfully. Whether you need to upgrade your design or need a rebranding, our creative agency can produce an attractive logo for your business. Contact VSEEN today to get started!