So you think you know New York City— where to find the “best” pizza, coolest dive bars, and remembering to never buy a pretzel or a hot dog from street vendors on the weekends when they raise prices for tourists (if you didn’t know that, you’re welcome, now you do). With an ever-changing atmosphere and endless nooks and crannies, this city is always revealing hidden gems. Here are 3 funky, fun, and less talked about shops in NYC to check out this fall that might even stump the best of this city’s vets.

Community 54

If you’re in the Lower East Side and like playing video arcade games, you might find yourself stumbling upon this shop without even knowing it. Community 54 is a local street wear shop, hidden by its arcade storefront. Step inside and find the blue photo booth that will reveal the shop through its curtains. Although this store has been around for a while now (with a second location in Toronto), surprisingly, many New Yorkers still appear blank-faced when you ask them if they’ve ever heard about it or have been there, even some LES residents. This local lifestyle boutique houses the latest and vintage trends in street wear, new indie brands, and contemporary art. You can find it in LES at 186 Avenue B (between 11th & 12th).

Shareen Vintage

If you’re lucky enough to find it, Shareen Vintage boasts a hidden haven of women’s vintage fashion. It’s located at 13 W. 17th Street in Manhattan, but there’s no sign and no storefront. Here’s the deal: the store can be spotted by a single red dress hanging on a fire escape. If the dress is out, then the store is open. If there is no dress, then there’s no shopping happening for you that day. Rumor has it, on certain days of the week, customers are offered wine and champagne, candy and treats while they sort through a serious blast from the past collection.

Le Suite Boutique

Here is a store for the REAL New Yorker— Le Suite Boutique is a mobile women’s fashion boutique based in NYC. As they state on their website, it’s “for the lady who lives the hustle and bustle New York City culture.” With one of the largest mobile selections of the latest ladies street wear brands and contemporary brands, it is slowly becoming one of the most talked about mobile boutiques in NYC, ever. Le Suite Boutique can be tracked through their social media outlets. Before you panic to track the truck down, it is worth noting that this boutique on wheels can be easily spotted as it is decked out in Pantone’s 2014 color of the year “Radiant Orchid,” signifying the year they opened up shop.

Happy hunting!