So you think you know New York City— where to find the “best” pizza, coolest dive bars, and remembering to never buy a pretzel or a hot dog from street vendors on the weekends when they raise prices for tourists (if you didn’t know that, you’re welcome, now you do). With an ever-changing atmosphere and endless nooks and crannies, this city is always revealing hidden gems. Here are 3 funky, fun, and less talked about speakeasies that might even stump the best of this city’s vets.

Unless you’re a speakeasy connoisseur, you may not be familiar with the eerie, hidden lounge that is Apothéke. Nestled on a dead end, cobblestone street in Chinatown, the mixologists in lab coats concoct some of the most delicious and interesting cocktails your taste buds will ever experience. It would be a sin to give away all of its secrets, but we will tell you this—on certain nights you need a passcode to get in. Call ahead before you go to get the code and ensure that your entrance is guaranteed.

Think 1920s Gatsby swag meets New York glam, and you’ve got yourself Dear Irving. This cocktail parlor mixes up some of the finest cocktails on the island and offers a cozy, intimate setting with its large booths hidden behind glittering strands of beads. Although it’s easier to find than other speakeasies, there are a number of charming details and secrets, such as the time traveling rooms, that will more than make up for its lack of creative entrance.

Interested in a cocktail hour that’s a little more low-key amongst Manhattan folks? Venture over to Brooklyn in attempts to find Featherweight. Behind a huge mural of a boxer on Graham Avenue sits an open door waiting to welcome guests from all boroughs. This new, hidden bar in Williamsburg is quickly gaining popularity around the neighborhood for its delicious, yet very affordable cocktails, as well as its relaxed vibes.