Since showing at the 2015 New York Magazine’s Annual Wedding Event at the Metropolitan Pavilion in April, our high-end invitations department, Village Invites, has been mentioned in several wedding features that can be seen in magazines and blogs such as, Brides, Carats & Cake, and Dauphine Press. Appearing regularly in features on WellWed, Style Me PrettyWedding Wire, Racked NY, and New York Magazine (just to name a few), it’s clear that the experts that make up Village Invites know the exact formula to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind invitations and printed pieces for weddings and events. Therefore, we thought they more than deserved a few moments of bragging.

What’s one reason that we feel it’s important to give Village Invites the spotlight today? “Your invitation is the first experiential moment for your guests (for any event). Therefore, it’s important that it is true to your style and your relationship,” says Simone Takacs, Senior Design Consultant for Village Invites. In order to achieve this, you need to work with creatives who understand the importance of every minute detail that goes into a wedding or an event, and have the ability to make these important pieces unique and true to your style. Village Invites is where you will find these highly creative individuals.

If you’re not quite convinced of their genius from the array of linked articles above, then check out this quick Q&A with our Director of Creative Services, Ariel Markowitz, to learn more about the magic behind Village Invites.

 VPM: Whats Village Invites claim to fame?

AM: Founded in 2005, we’re an award-winning custom stationery boutique tucked in one of the smallest nooks in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

VPM: At least your nook is beautifully decorated, calm, and serene, even if it is small. Rumor has it that Village Invites has super human powers. Can you confirm this?

AM: Well, I can confirm that as highly visual people, we can superbly recognize great design, even with our eyes closed.

VPM: Wow, that’s pretty magical. What makes Village Invites’ paper goods unique?

AM: We pride ourselves on our appreciation and knowledge for great taste and style, and we can’t help but to stay informed on current trends in the design world. With this, we are committed to finding American designers and printers who use the finest papers and inks—many of them recycled, organic, and/or sustainable.

VPM: American designers, the finest papers, eco friendly— everything you just said sounds fabulous. Now, tell us a fun fact that your clients would LOVE to know.

AM: We’re all flexible yogis, in that we bend over backwards to make our customers’ wishes come true. Nothing makes us happier than creating imaginative and fresh designs accompanied by unwavering excellence in service, that make our clients ecstatically pleased. We relish the small role we play in our clients’ big occasions.

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