It’s no secret that overworking yourself is counterproductive. Yet, New Yorkers are constantly ignoring this idea, despite dozens of studies proving that brief intervals of breaks from your daily work can dramatically improve your productivity and creativity throughout the day. Why do we refuse to listen or even take this thought into consideration? Because, as New Yorkers, we’re stubborn; we think we know better than highly regarded scientists; we’re insistent that we’re a different breed of humans from the rest of the world, who have the ability to call upon inner nocturnal powers once multiple cups of coffee enter our systems. Not to mention, the mind set ingrained in us from the get-go suggests the more time you put in, the more you’ll get done. Are we right?

Unfortunately, the proof is in the pudding. As much as we refuse to believe that doing less will allow you to produce more, the benefits of taking breaks throughout the workday have once again been proven. In the latest Science of Us animation, a creepy little squirrel (similar to the ones you’d see scurrying around Central Park) explains the ideal amount of time a person should work before allowing themselves to take a break and recharge. Before you refute this idea or tell yourself you don’t have time to watch a quick video, think of all of the work you have to complete before the end of this week, or even the end of today; it might be worth it to press play and listen for minute.