This morning, everyone’s favorite New Yorker and VPM’s Sales Manager, Nicole Prechtl, went off on a little tangent about her post summertime sadness, and what New Yorkers can now look forward to. Of course, we wanted to share all of her complaints with you. As we always suggest, grab yourself an Advil and get ready for some all-too-relatable nonsense.

“Yet another summer in New York City has technically come to an end— the calendar claims that we still have a few weeks left. I can never understand how it goes by so fast every year. The smelly humid streets that are now filled with tourists will soon be replaced by pumpkins and flower pots filled with those weird Mum bushes. Next, stringed lights and snowfall will follow suit. I am not sure what I hate more: saying goodbye to beach days and summer Fridays, or knowing that snowstorms and misery are coming sooner rather than later. Must get planning on that winter vacation.

Summertime sadness is bitter sweet. The end of this season’s cons almost always outweigh the pros for the following reasons:

  • Everyone loves being sun kissed, and beach days are gone, gone, gone.
  • Rooftop happy hours are over.
  • Any and all outdoor activities come to a halt, while Netflix, ice cream, and couch chilling swing into full effect (I suppose this is a half con/half pro depending on how you look at it).

But for those living in New York City like myself, there are actually a few pros to the end of summer believe it or not. Some of these include:

  • Electric bills will drop drastically, which is amazing because running the AC costs almost as much as rent.
  • Personally, I can finally do something nice with my hair rather than have to twist it into a nest-looking bun every day because humidity.
  • And that’s about it. Only two pros.

I’d try to persuade you to look on the bright side, but winter is in our foreseeable future and the days are only going to get darker.”

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