Today, VPM’s Vice President, Joe Ryder, shares with us tips that successful salespeople have always stayed true to.

“Sales is a numbers game. This is the most basic foundational thought about sales, and it’s one that salespeople from the 80s, 90s, and even today still live by. Why? I’m not so sure because I hate this thought.

Yes, of course sales is a numbers game, but this phrase should fall under the category of common sense. If making 100 calls results in one client, then you would obviously gain ten times that amount of clients if you made 1000 calls (also known as third grade arithmetic). Now, besides the fact that sales absolutely is and always will be a numbers game, the one thing that all successful salespeople over the decades have understood in conjunction with this is that, if you don’t hit the phones consistently, then you’ll never see enough revenue.

Sales is simple, and so are it’s tactics. If today is your first day as a salesperson in New York City, then do yourself a favor and begin your career by following these tips, below:

  • Every answer other than yes is simply no.
  • When it comes to cold calling, tone is key: make it a conversation, not a pitch.
  • Always choose action vs. inaction”

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