Chances are that when you think of New York City one of the following would come to mind: street art or street food.

TAO Group and Chef Chris Santos (he’s at it again) have launched a new restaurant venture, Vandal, that integrates street art and street food into an upscale, LES haven that boasts a seriously eclectic flair. While the international-fusion menu looks incredible and the drinks are sure to be on point, our primary focus today is on the walls of the restaurant and the semi-frightening 11-foot-tall breakdancing bunny that greets its patrons (photographed below). The 22,000 square foot, two-level space features artwork and graffiti by, wait for it Hush, Apex, Tristan Eaton, and Shepard Fairey, just to name a few. Yeah, you read that correctly. Seven of the most recognizable street artists in the world were casually commissioned to adorn the space of Vandal with large-scale murals, collage paintings, and a plethora of installations. We always give props where they are due; we think they’re certainly well deserved here considering the dedication to creating an authentic global street culture theme when designing the space. Don’t you think? Take a look at some of the “street” artwork below:

Image 1_HighSnob_

IMage 2_HighSnob

Image 3_HighSnob

Image 4_HubSnob

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