As the first installment of our Story Time series, we introduce you to Maria Zepeda, one of Village Print & Media’s top sales representatives. Get to know her through this quick Q&A, hear about her most memorable interview, and then share yours!

VPM: How long have you been in sales at Village Print & Media? How did your career in sales begin?

Maria: I’ve been with VPM for over four years. My sales career began by accident, as I was originally hired as an intern to do data entry for the sales department.

VPM: What are some of the top traits of successful sales people? What traits do you possess that you believe have contributed to your success?

Maria: Perseverance, commitment, a sense of humor, and patience. I believe my most useful trait for this job is my ability to be patient, which allows me to guide my clients to successful results.

VPM: How does Village Print & Media support you in providing excellent service to your clients?
Maria: VPM has created an environment of support and care for the customer that allows me to grow my book of business while trusting that my existing clients will always be taken care of.

VPM: What is the most memorable interview that you’ve ever had?

Maria: My most bizarre interview was for a marketing assistant position. The interviewer walked out to the reception area to meet me and he was barefoot, which was concerning. He proceeded to lead me to his office, which looked like a bad episode of Hoarders; there were piles of folders everywhere. He somehow managed to free up a child’s size chair for me to sit on, so I had to spend the entire interview looking up at him like he was a giant on a throne…all while he feasted on a tray of cheesy nachos.

What’s the most memorable interview that you’ve ever had? Share your story in the comment section below.