While most New Yorkers fled up to the Hamptons or out to the Rockaways this past weekend, dozens of tourists infiltrated every sidewalk and pizzeria in this city. For those of you who stuck around to see the madness, there’s no doubt you had a few laughs at crowds of families taking photos with their selfie sticks around Times Square or while people watching near the Staten Island Ferry line. On holiday weekends, it’s pretty easy to differentiate the tourists from the real New Yorkers. If for whatever reason you find yourself struggling with this, take note of this list of 7 things only a true New Yorker would do:

1. Avoid Times Square like the plague because, frankly, it’s hell on earth.

2. Bark directions at cab drivers.

3. Cross the street whenever they feel like it.

4. Pay no mind to people peeing on the subway or rats scurrying past their feet

5. Eat at the Halal trucks at any time of any day, and know the real price

6. Have zero patience for three or more people walking in a row on the street.

7. Always brunch on Sunday, regardless if it’s a holiday weekend or not.