Believe it or not, New York City has some shady places. And no, we’re not talking about creepy alleyways, crime-infested street corners, or nooks and crannies under the bridges. What we actually mean is shady areas, as in sun-covered, outdoor spaces. Not everyone likes to bake in the sun, especially when it’s 100 degrees and humid in the summer. Now, you might be thinking, what freak doesn’t like the sunlight? Well, for starters, how about business men in full-fledged suites during the week, or women who’d like to protect their skin from potential sun spots and skin cancer? For those of you who love to spend time outdoors in the city but are in dire need of some shade, here are few spots to find cover from the sun in Manhattan:

Harlem Meer, Central Park
Located north of the Conservatory Garden, Harlem Meer in Central Park is a small body of water surrounded by large and luscious trees that provide shade all day long. With plenty of lawn space and walking paths lined with ginkgo, cypress, oak, and beech trees, this quiet oasis provides peaceful, outdoor space that’s out of the sun’s rays.

Paley Park in Midtown
Situated right in the heart of Midtown, Paley Park is a small concrete refugee from the bustling streets just a few steps away from its entrance. Covered with with trees and greenery, this area gets double protection from the skyscrapers surrounding it. Essentially, it’s the perfect alternative to roasting in the sun at Bryant Park. It also has another claim to fame besides being one of the shadiest areas in Midtown. Paley Park is home to remnants of the Berlin Wall, I kid you not. Savor your skin, enjoy a sandwich, and get cultured on your next lunch break.

The Ravine in Prospect Park, Brooklyn
The woodland expanse of the Ravine, a towering forest within Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, offers miles of shady space for hanging out, picnicking, biking, and enjoying paper bagged tall boys with friends.Meatpacking Shops

The Shops in Meatpacking 
Finding shady areas to enjoy lunch outside or partake in outdoor activities is great, but sometimes you need a little more action. The shops near the High Line and Chelsea Market downtown offer perfectly shady areas to grab a coffee, walk around cobbled stone streets, and empty your wallet. Head down 9th Avenue and shop along West 15th, 14th, and 13th streets. Here, the shops are lined with iron awnings that will help keep you focused on the dressed windows rather than working on your tan.

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