Ah, brunch. Nothing’s better than a well-concocted Bloody Mary on a warm, Spring day in April, right? Jokes on all of us New Yorkers though, as this picture perfect day seems to be nothing but a fantasy with this cold front as of late. We’re not sure what’s up with this weather, but we’re definitely tired of it, and are in dire need of a day outdoors in the warmth. Until Mother Nature decides to be kind to NYC, we’ve taken an alternative route to getting what we want: indulging in brunch spots with enclosed green spaces. Today, we’ve picked three brunch spots with year-round gardens to share with you before you solidify your weekend plans. These airy oases will be sure to take your mind off of what’s happening with the weather…at least for a minimum of two hours.

Where: East Village
What you get: NYC Market Place menu with each dish crafted freshly per order
Why we like it: It’s an all day brunch affair every weekend with a casual and quirky atmosphere.
Why we love it: The abundance of specialty craft beers—difficult to come by for brunch in the city.


Where: Meatpacking District
What you get: American bar & grill menu, with two prix fixe brunch options
Why we like it: They offer multiple bottomless drink options that you can mix and match for your table, including Mimosas, Bloody Marys, Bellinis, White Sangria, and Mojitos.


Where: Meatpacking District
What you get: French cuisine menu with a prix fixe, bottomless champagne brunch option
Why we like it: Everything from the atmosphere to the hors d’ oeuvres to the outfits of the wait staff is very quaint and European.

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