Manhattan magically unfolds many unique, outdoor venues once the summer months fall upon us, with hopes that its inhabitants will venture out of their tiny apartments that they’ve been hiding in all winter. Governors Island is one of these unique venues. Ever heard of it? It’s that small island set off the shores of the Financial District downtown; it’s the site of breath-taking views of the southern tip of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Lady Liberty; it’s a carless island encompassed by 99 acres of green grass, paved bike paths, and a public beach club. If you have heard of it, then we’re sure you’ve thought about trying it out. But how many times did you tell yourself last summer, “I’m definitely going to go to Governors Island,” and then never did?

Before you claim, once again, that this will be THE summer that you’ll finally make the trip, let’s talk. There are some New Yorkers who have a few issues with the island; all you have to do is type its name into Yelp. Below quickly sums up a few excuses as to why you might have never made it to Governors Island last summer, and why you should reconsider attempting to give it another try this season:

If New York speed is embedded in the mechanics of your body, then the 7-minute Ferry ride from the Battery Maritime Building to the island is far too long and exhausting.

If the idea of being greeted by an oversized, Jurassic Park looking sign scares you, then don’t bother thinking twice about embarking on the journey.

If you prefer being chauffeured from Point A to Point B around Manhattan, by means of a subway, taxi, Uber, or stretch limo, then the island’s walking/biking only policy simply will not do for you.

If you’ve never had a drink at a bar in NYC with an average price ranging between $7-$10 (which is almost every bar in Manhattan), then don’t waste your time; you’ll be spending the entire day complaining about “how expensive” your $10 beer was, and proceed to share your thoughts via an “insightful” Yelp review.

If youthful, energized crowds, magical light shows, and electronic beats aren’t your thing, I’m warning you now, RUN in the opposite direction of Governors Beach Club as quickly as your feet will allow.

If you’re over incredible views of the Manhattan skyline and other popular landmarks, then opting out of this day trip will save you from pure boredom.

If you don’t like relaxing in a hammock, then you’re screwed, because there are plenty, scattered freely around for public use.

For the stubborn New Yorkers who insist on experiencing everything for themselves, instead of listening to smart advice: go ahead and give Governors Island a try, we dare you. Afterwards, head back and tell us how relaxing and enjoyable the experience was, and all of the many other things you hated about it, we’d love to know!





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