For nearly 50 years, Village Print & Media’s superhero, The Blue Volt, has been lurking in the shadows around Midtown Manhattan, working day and night to serve the great people of New York City. He’s the reason that the common mantra, “I needed this yesterday,” even exists. When presented with a challenge, The Blue Volt is able to do what most think is impossible: turn back time.

It’s present day in Midtown Manhattan. Storming through the halls of an office is Mr. DéLai—a merciless director of a large corporation. He has just arrived back from a meeting with his biggest and most important client, which went terribly wrong. A large order of books was supposed to be delivered during the meeting, but never showed up. Back at the office, he barges into the office of his events coordinator, Ms. Tizzy, and demands to know what the hell happened. Mr. DéLai threatens to fire her if she can’t fix her mess within five minutes.

Distressed and hopeless, Ms. Tizzy calls the only place she knows that may be able to help her—Village Print & Media. Will someone at VPM be able to deliver results that are thought to be impossible by most?