Joe Ryder is back to offer his #CLUTCH advice in the last installment of the different types of salespeople you should never aspire to be.

“Today’s final salesperson on my list of whom to never aspire to be is someone who every company has, and is usually one of the most likable people in the office. This salesperson is called ‘The Grinder.’

The ‘Grinder’ is the salesperson who is happy to make a living in sales, isn’t aggressive enough with acquiring work from new clients or existing ones, spends too much time next to the water cooler or working on a fantasy football league, and is overall too content with his or her job.

This salesperson starts every other sentence with ‘I can’t because…,’ followed by, ‘my prospective client is happy with their vendor,’ or ‘the client has a contract,’ or ‘my list isn’t good enough.’ Once a salesperson begins his or her sentence with ‘I can’t because,’ that salesperson has lost. More so, the ‘Grinder’ always looks on the bright side and justifies why the amount of money that was billed is satisfactory for his or her self and for the company.

If you’re an owner of a company, you don’t want the ‘Grinder’ as an employee; you want a salesperson that has a fiery, competitive spirit, is aggressive and ambitious, and is never satisfied with the amount of work that he or she receives. As a director, you should strive to assemble a team of salespeople who all want to be the top salesperson on that team. I want everyone on my sales team to be ambitious enough to be vying for my job.

Salespeople who are successful set goals for themselves every day. If they are ambitious for themselves, they’ll be ambitious for me, and hence, for the company’s continuous success.”

That’s a wrap for Joe Ryder’s #CLUTCH advice about the three different types of salespeople you should never aspire to be—‘The Grinder,“The Salesperson Who Cried Wolf,” and The Client Handler.” Check in next week for a new series of sales advice from Joe as we conclude our #CLUTCH campaign and finally give away those Giants vs. Redskin tickets that you all have been patiently waiting for. If you haven’t entered, there is still time—best of luck!

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