Joe Ryder is back with more #CLUTCH advice for both employers and future employees in part 2 of 3 of the different types of salespeople you should never aspire to be.

“Today’s salesperson is whom I like to call the ‘Salesperson Who Cried Wolf.’ This salesperson is someone who never produces, but continuously assures you that a ‘big client’ is coming. My reasoning as to why this salesperson can last up to a year or more in a company is based on the allure that he or she can deliver this ‘big client.’ This salesperson ‘crying wolf’ about the supposed client is by all means not foolish. In fact, he or she is clever enough to persuade most bosses that, in due time, the deal will be closed and produced.

Now, understand that it does take time for accounts to be opened, especially big accounts. Therefore, it can be difficult to decipher whether he or she is ‘crying wolf,’ especially if this salesperson is successfully selling he or she’s story and can produce any history of working with this client. But after six months of working without any results, it becomes clear that this client does not exist or has no intention of giving this salesperson any business. In reality, this salesperson is using the prospect of this client to buy time and keep his or her job.

In print sales, there is a consistency of work available. If a salesperson is waiting six months for a client, then he or she is misunderstanding the relationship or ‘crying wolf’ until they believe this client or another client’s account is attainable. Most likely, this ‘client’ is simply not his or her client, and is having work produced elsewhere.”

There’s one more salesperson left on Joe’s list— who could it possibly be? Check in next week for the concluding post of this series!