Today. Village Print & Media’s Vice President, Joseph Ryder, explains why managing is a “no compromising” venture, and what has proven to be the driving force behind our company’s success.

“Over the course of the past ten years, I’ve been developing and applying my sales management system to our team here at VPM. I’ve found that we are most successful when our managers understand our goals, quotas, and needs, and then never compromise. Our managers know how many calls, meetings, and accounts our sales team needs to hit monthly in order to drive revenue at the growth pace that I’m after. Their job is to simply not expect less than the quota they have set for their team.

Success is not guaranteed throughout the program unless we have leaders who can drive it, lead it, and have the fortitude to not accept anything less than the goals that have been set for our teams and our company. All managers must understand that their failures will always be their own. Once they take responsibility for their teams, our managers are able to create an environment that is ambitious and driven, and a culture that inspires innovation, creativity, and excellence.

At the end of the day, managerial strength is the leading force behind our sales team’s success.”

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