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Today, our Director of Sales, Joe Ryder, talks about the only fear that prevents salespeople from being successful.

“Sales is an assembly line process. No one wants to believe it but the only thing stopping salespeople from success is fear.

Great sales teams are not made up of scientists and scholars, they’re made up of people who have become numb to their fears. The main fear that all salespeople have is fear of judgement, both internal and external. All salespeople are afraid of what people think of them. At first we don’t want to be judged simply because it is human nature to want to fit in.

In order to be successful in sales,you have to ask intrusive questions until you get real answers. Doing this goes against what we feel is right to say or ask of others. For instance: from early childhood you have been taught to respond with ‘sorry’ or ‘thank you’ if someone says ‘no’ to you in a nice manner. This happens because you fear what the other person might think of your response, or that you’re going to bother that person with giving too much information. Sorry to say it but, this will never help you in sales. If you want to truly be successful in sales, then you need to become numb to judgment. Period.”